Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Christian Animal Rights Movements Seeks Supporters
Sharpton Continues to Lash Out at Mormons
Sharpton Is an Anti-Mormon Bigot
Media Shows Bias in Kent State Coverage
Sharpton Has No Right to Slam Imus
Purim Reflections: It Happened Again
Finding the Art of Joy
A Father's Tribute to His Late Son
Why Does Pope See Bob Dylan as False Prophet?
In San Diego, a Disingenous Start to Lent
Master of the Jinn, by blog contributor Irving Karchmar, is now available as an e-book.
Is Ted Haggard on the Straight and Narrow?
No War on Christmas? Think About It
Pat Robertson Claims Super Strength By Lisa Haddock
McKellen Lambastes Vatican; Critics Pan 'Code' By Lisa Haddock
Putting 'DaVinci Code' Outrage in Context By Lisa Haddock
'DaVinci Code' Looms on Film Horizon By Lisa Haddock
Meeting the Master (A True Story) By Irving Karchmar
Read Samples of My Published Work
What's So Bad About the March of Dimes?
Novel Explores Sufi Mysticism By Irving Karchmar
Baptist Press Addresses Gay Sex Scandal
Ding, Dong NBC's 'Book of Daniel' is Dead
Gay Marriage Foe Accused of Lewdness
Shut the 'Book of Daniel' By Lisa Haddock
Stopping the Tragedy of Modern Slavery
Why Did Child Molesters Remain on the Altar?
Nation of Islam Beliefs vs. Mainstream Islam By Lisa Haddock
Farrakhan's Baggage: What's All the Fuss? By Lisa Haddock
A Kinder, Gentler Louis Farrakhan? By Lisa Haddock
How Much More Can U.S. Catholics Take? By Lisa Haddock
Seasons of Faith and Fasting
Healing With Animals By Jan Fredericks
Gays Said to Dominate Seminaries
Will Barring Gay Priests Solve Abuse Problem? By Lisa Haddock
Sex-Abuse Victims Suffer Legal Setback
Beyond the High Holidays By Rabbi Baruch Price
Victims’ Group Weighs in on Sex Abuse Report
Cardinal’s Remarks Upset Catholic Reformers By Lisa Haddock
Cardinals Implicated in Sex Abuse Cover-up By Lisa Haddock
Investigation Targets Unitarians, Racism By Lisa Haddock
Archbishop Wants Seminaries to Bar Gays By Lisa Haddock
Faith Demands Compassion Toward Animals By Dr. Richard Schwartz
PETA Ad Blitz Angers Religious Groups By Lisa Haddock
New Orleans: A Disaster Waiting to Happen By Nancy Palmstrom, M.S.
Where is God When Disaster Strikes? By the Rev. Charles Austin
Is Racism to Blame for Hurricane Response?
Venezuelan Blasts President Chavez By Jackie
Robertson Apologizes for Chavez Remarks By Lisa Haddock
Pat Robertson Stands His Ground
Robertson Calls for Political Assassination By Lisa Haddock
Demonizing the Enemy Subverts Peace Process By Rabbi Stephen M. Wylen


Passover Reflections on Oppression By Rabbi Stephen M. Wylen
Should Jerusalem Temple Be Rebuilt? By Rabbi Stephen M. Wylen
Other Views on Gaza Pullout
Synagogue Burnings Compared to Nazi Pogrom
Palestinians Speak Out on Gaza Burnings
Palestinians in Gaza Torch Synagogues By Lisa Haddock
Is Gaza Pullout a Victory for Islam?
Newsweek Explains the Real Problem in Iran
Reality TV Ups the Ick Ante By Lisa Haddock
Pope Warns Against 'Do-It-Yourself' Faith By Lisa Haddock
New Support for Girls Who Choose Modesty By Lisa Haddock
Justice Comes Too Late for Georgia Woman By Lisa Haddock
Another Scandal for Catholic Church By Lisa Haddock
Anti-Gay Preacher Pickets Soldiers’ Funerals By Lisa Haddock
Pro-life Group Targets Planned Parenthood Donors By Lisa Haddock
Presbyterians Push Cure for Mideast Tension By Lisa Haddock
ABC’s 'Brat Camp' Misuses Native American Spirituality By Lisa Haddock
Counselor Has Misgivings About 'Brat Camp' By Jan Fredericks
Christian Group Targets Pro-Gay Companies By Lisa Haddock
Tears of Mourning on the 9th of Av By Lisa Haddock
Grappling With the Problem of Evil By Mark D.R. Stern
International Slave Trade – Where’s the Outrage? By Lisa Haddock
Peace Comes From the Almighty By Rabbi Baruch Price
Applying the Torah to today's terrorist attacks
Free Speech or Discrimination? By Lisa Haddock
A university employee is punished for voicing religious views on homosexuality
Islamic Court Condemns Gay Nigerian to Death By Lisa Haddock
Students Should be Taught 'A Lot of Science' By Gregory J. Rummo
Intelligent design belongs in the classroom.
Pope Benedict XVI on Evolution
Catholic Urges Compassion for Animals By Jan Fredericks
The Unleavened Imagination By Ruchama King Feuerman
A novelist explores "Who is an outsider" in Jewish fiction
Tripping Over Jefferson's 'Wall of Separation' By Gregory J. Rummo
Fair journalists are a rare breed in today's newsrooms

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